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"We are one of the leading telecom service providers in India, having footprints of our business across the globe. Established in the year 2001, we offer 360⁰ telecom solutions to our entire SME and corporate base of 5000+ beautiful customer relationships.Our strength lies in our family of 60+ team members, who strive hard to facilitate and educate clients keeping them updated about the changes taking place in the field of technology. This approach towards their work helps them deliver more in terms of quality and productivity thereby creating long lasting beautiful relationships."


To provide 360` telecommunication solutions to SMEs & Corporate companies by simplifying their complex and ever growing needs thereby helping them achieve growth in a cost-effective manner.


To hold the leader's position across the globe. To be a company which empowers over 5000 employees to deliver rich, ethical and valuable telecommunication solutions and build long lasting beautiful relationships.

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Crew member
Apurva Thakker
Crew member
Mukesh Thakker
Crew member
Punit Thakker
"Apurva is responsible for having taken the organization from its nascent stage and bringing it to where it stands today. During his 15 years journey as an entrepreneur, Apurva has seen the many ups and downs in his personal and professional life but his amazing relationship management skills coupled with his sharp business acumen always helped him stay at the top of things. He has worked on and accomplished fulfillment of various projects over the years earning him the right to claim, ""Been there, seen it all, done it all"". He is a complete team player right from his starting days and has mentored several individuals over the years. He is well known in his network as a multi-tasker and a team player who has always had an eye for the future, scouting opportunities to take his ventures to new and greater heights. When he isn't making deals, he is spending leisure time his family and friends. He is a big time movie buff and can watch 3 movies in a single day and still have the energy to sit through more."


Mukesh Thakker comes with a cumulative experience of 37 years and acts as a guiding force and backbone to the company. He loves meeting people and always says, "Each person has a story to tell and I am an explorer looking to know them". A voracious reader that he is, after all these years, he still believes that there is still a lot more left to learn. Being very accomodative by nature has helped Mukesh build strong relationships over the years.


"Punit Thakker is one fun loving soul who has learnt the tricks of the business as quickly as anyone ever could. With his hard work and unquenching desire to learn and expand his knowledge base, he has been suppporting Bhavana as the Director of the firm. It is widely known in his circuit that he has a thing for technologies and nobody could ever take that away from him. When Punit isn't working, you will either find him playing cricket with his budddies or watching movies with his better half."

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“You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind” – Mahatma Gandhi
Abhijit is an expert in the area of Strategy, Marketing, and Business Networking. He feels fulfilled by supporting micro, small and mid-sized enterprises who feel chained or tortured with their strategy and sales challenges and helping them create an amazing business and a spectacular life.
His Mission is “To create a business movement impacting over a million entrepreneurs and build a business world where “intrinsic goodness will rule supreme” and thereby spread Joy, Happiness and Richness in the world.”
He loves to travel along with his wife Magadhi and 2 wonderful kids Aryamaan and Aahana. Fine dining, watching espionage thrillers, fitness activities, reading, and writing is how he spends time unwinding. He is an avid video blogger and does a short 2-3 mins video every day to support the entrepreneurial community in the areas of Strategy, Marketing, Business Networking and General Entrepreneurship."


"Arijit Das's expertise lies in building and managing relationships. He has, over the years, consulted businesses on the same thereby helping them realise their potential to the fullest. A professional who has more than 20 years of experience, he has his interests lying acorss areas like technology, big data, digital marketing and analytics. His unquenching thirst to learn new things has made sure that he be able to stand at par with the constant developments taking place in the fields of is interest. An adventure freak that he is, he loves traveling and exploring new destinations and indulging in adventure sports. One crazy feat he recounts at gatherings, is the one time he drove for 27 hours non-stop from Mumbai to Jaipur. A motivated go-getter with a highly positive attitude, nothing can stop Arijit, not today or ever."


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    A first of its kind platform which functions on a highly advanced artificial intelligence system aimed at helping you build strong relationships with people in your business network and leverage from those to an extent you'd have only imagined. It is aimed at eventually teaching businesses to make profits by cutting down on their costs by focusing on building strong relationships.

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    Find an exclusive collection of cell phones from the leading brands across the globe. Get the latest offers and an impeccable customer support to make your experience of buying furthermore delightful.

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    Heard there's a new cell phone in the market but you can't buy it because you are short on money? Worried that your new smartphone will shake your budget off? Worry not because MobiEMI will solve these problems for you. Buy your favorite cell phone without making any downpayments. Select from a range of flexible EMI plans and say goodbye to the fear of EMIs.

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    Some of us love our smartphones so much, we would lose a beat if something were to happen to it. Why not show our phone how much we love it? Explore through the range of mobile accessories available for all tastes and kinds at MobiAccessories. Why should only humans have all the fun?

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    Spent so much on that smartphone but lost it? Someone stole it? Oh wait, did you drop it in a bucket filled with water? Should have got it insured! It isn't so late to get your new phone insured now. MobiInsure is your man if you plan on doing it.

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    Coming soon.

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    Assisting businesses make informed decisions when it comes to selecting wired communication services like PRI, ILL, MPLS, etc.

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    Wireless communications has in the past few decades changed the course of technology to a great extent and benefitted businesses widely. We assist companies in choosing the right mix when it comes to wireless communications and offer services like CUG, DATACARDS, etc.

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    With businesses seeing increased competition in the past decade or so, staying updated with the latest technology is greatly important. We understand this well and put in our best efforts to help businesses decide on the right technology. We offer hosted services on cloud, enable you to access your resources from anywhere, offer security and other services like bulk sms,short code, etc.

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    Understand where your spend goes and where your revenue comes from. Our Telecom Audits are well known to have benefitted companies identify their strengths and weaknesses and make informed decisions to bridge those gaps pertaining to technology.

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